Lahore Girls in Shopping Malls

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Shopping is the most popular and well like activities of nowadays young generation, Most of the people know about the environment of Lahore Pakistan, the girls of this city are very stylish, fashionable, modern and rich. That’s why they are like to buy in big and high rated shopping malls. There are lots of malls in Pakistan and all of them are made for the people of Lahore. Here in this article you will read about the girls of LHR and as well their buying. Here I will show you with the help of some pictures that Lahore girls are buying in shopping malls.

Lahore Girls in Shopping Malls

Here in this picture you can watch many families of Lahore in mall. This is one of the best mall of Lahore Pakistan that made for the families of this big city. There are different counters in the pictures, some of the people are buying dresses, gifts, bangles, Mehndi and some of the girls are walking in the malls. Not only this city  girls are here in the pictures boys and men are also interested to do shopping with their families.

Pakistani Girls in Shopping Malls

Now in this pictures watch some religious girls of this city of Pakistan, they are also doing shopping in fabric mall where they are looking dresses. Buying is the most important thing for all Lahore girls and this buying is playing a great role in their lives. There are many and different occasion to shop such as Eid, Party, wedding, Mehndi, Celebration, festival shopping and many more.

Beautiful Lahore Girl ShoppingIn this picture you can watch that one girl is doing shopping with her mother for Eid and she is selecting bangles for her. There are different types of bangles available in the mall but this is a tough comparison for the girls of Lahore to select the best bangles for their Eid occasion. In this picture you can also watch some more girls they are also doing shopping for Eid occasion.

Girl Shopping Bangles

The selection of beautiful bangle is really difficult for the girls of Lahore. Here in this picture you can watch thousands of beautiful, stylish, and colorful bangles in the mall. Here one Lahore girl is watching some bangles collection to buy some best collection for Eid occasion.

Girls Shopping in Pace Lahore

This is the pictures of big Mall of Lahore, there is everything available, and here in this picture you can watch that this is the shop of ladies accessories. Here you can watch ladies shoes; dresses, hand bags, Jewelries, and these all are available in new design. One woman is waking to watch some best collection outside of the shop.

Sexy Pakistani Girl Shopping with Boy Friend

Some of the people are doing shopping with their families and some of the people are doing purchasing with their friends. Here in this picture you can watch a couple that did their purchasing from mall. And behind this couple you can watch another couple of husband and wife they are also coming for purchasing. And next to this couple there are two ladies friend who also did their shopping.

Girls Buying Clothes

Here in this picture you can watch some girls in the costumes shop inside the mall of Lahore Pakistan. They are posing pictures inside the shop. One the left side there are some collection of dresses and these girls are visit here to watch this collection for some especial occasion.

Pakistani Girls in Doce Bakers

This is also the Mall of Lahore Pakistan many of the people from Lahore are present in the mall for doing purchasing. Girls, boys and man are here to do shopping for their families and with their families. This is a gift shop where they are buying some gifts for their friends and families.

Pakistani Shop Keeper Girl

In this picture you can watch some dresses collection in the Mall of Lahore and some girls and women are watching this collection. These collections of dresses are looking very beautiful. There are many big malls in Lahore and the girls of Lahore are keen to do shopping from each mall. There are thousand of Pictures in Google that is about the girls of Lahore in malls. Visit here and watch these pictures and share your comments with us about these pictures.

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