Tahira from KEMC Housing Society Lahore

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kemc-housing-society-lahore-girlsA true friend is someone who knows absolutely everything about you and still likes you because a true friend is always believe on you that one day you will change you self. Friendship is like flower that give you fragrance and they also want to get fragrance with you therefore, always believe on yourself and never break your friend feeling. All over the over, many people want to friendship but they don’t know that where they find her best friends because friends are founded everywhere but the best friends are very few, for those we are interdicting this site, we made this site especially for Pakistani boys and girls who really want to friendship with some best friends.

Pakistani boys and girls want to friendship with each other boy specially Pakistani boys want to friendship with honest Pakistani boys but today the article I am going to write is about a Pakistani girls who want to friendship with Pakistani, before I tell you abort her self I want to tell you about her culture and her hearts feelings. She lives in Lahore the heart of Pakistani and the main business hub of Muslims. Now I am going to tell to about herself that her name is Tahira, her age is 23 years old, her skin color is white, her hear color is black, her eyes color is dark brown and her height is 5ft 3inch.

Tahira is an educated girl and she recently completed her higher qualification from The University of Punjab, she is a very brilliant student in her class because she wants to be a successful woman in her future. Now days Tahira is free in her town and have no work to do therefore, she want to make some good friends in her life that she can trust and share all the things with her. Tahira attach her personal photo that you people can see and share comment on her photos. If there is anyone who want to friendship with Tahira and want to contact with her then you can friendship with her through our site. Please leave your comments and reviews if you want to friendship with her.

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